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Top Lobbyist of Policy & Contract Strategy

Our experience and relationships in this sphere are demonstrable proof of not only Top Lobby's Policy and Procurement Contract Strategy capabilities, but of our willingness to partner with our clients and to deliver on our proposals. Below are just a few of our areas of expertise in government services.

  • Nationwide Advocacy and Grassroots Integration
  • Business Development- Federal Funding, Contracting & Acquisitions HUB, Pipeline Developing, Qualifying Opportunities, Pre and Post Award Presentation Support
  • Comprehensive Nationwide Advocacy, Political Giving Targeting, and Fundraising
  • Vigorous Legislation Tracking, Analysis & Relationship Building
  • Full Suite of Advocacy Services

Top Lobby brings a surgical-laser focus to deliver successful results for our clients, increasing your Top and Bottomline revenue. Unlike most Lobby firms built around a law practice or a main Lobbyist, we dedicate 100% of our teams attention on Lobbying and delivering results for you and your staff. We're a highly experienced team executing a specialized and unique set of skills developed over decades in government service. We're not like traditional firms putting "client quantity" over client quality focusing on the firms own bottom line in front of your needs. We'll provide you an individualized white glove service with the horsepower of a Fortune 500 company. Top Lobby offers our clients the financial resources and industry relationships necessary to quickly and efficiently design, implement, and scale any new Policy or Contract  Strategy they may desire, we're a responsive partner. 

Cutting Away The Red tape

Every day our government becomes increasingly more complex creating a maze of obstacles and red tape road blocks in the way for you businesses sucess. In order to successfully navigate the road blocks and challenges of government services and procurement facing your company, you need undivided attention, a comprehensive, highly skilled and aggressive lobbyist lobbying for you. 

A strategy built by a large lobby firm servicing dozens of clients simultaneously is destined to deliver lack luster results and a waste of your companies resources. Top Lobby believes that delivering successful results are based on QUALITY Not QUANTITY, Do you?


We hear you and so should key audiences affecting your business. 

Top Lobby amplifies your voice in an aggressive and effective manner,  we weed out the white noise making your voice the focus of the audience.