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Winning Contracts


Relationships, we have them!

With decades of government procurement experience, we've won Local, State and Federal contracts all over the U.S.                

We'll do the same for you!           We become an extension of your Business Development Team.

Developing an accurate pipeline is critical, we Identify Key Opportunities, Qualify them and Develop winning strategies with Key Decision makers to move the needle and increase your                Top & Bottomline revenue.

Winning Campaigns


Working as former staffers for Governors, State, Local & Congressional offices, we know how to win and what it takes to do it! 

We're off to the races and supporting the right Candidate is the difference between Success & Failure. We'll develop a winning strategy tracking key races affecting your Line of Business(L.O.B). We have never lost a campaign we've consulted.

Delivering Strategic Policy


We know policy rules all, thats why we have the best of the best developing a Strategic Policy Strategy(SPS) to exceed your expectations and delivering your desired RESULTS!

 Our Team has shaped U.S. Policy for decades, affecting the way our clients and their competitors do business. Know that with our entrenched relationships, we move mountains for our clients. Our Relations are intrenched with Key Decision makers and high profile politicians across the U.S. from City Clerks, Court Clerks, Commissioners, Treasurers, Judges, State Reps, Governors and leaders from House & Senate Members.

Delivering The Message


When you have Sensitive information needing to be delivered In the press or behind the scenes, and your company's reputation needs to stay out of the spotlight, we'll deliver! 

Sharing The Big News


Have you opened a new location, rebranded, or added a new product or service? Don't keep it to yourself, let your clients and prospects know. We'll make sure your products & services are in front of the key decision makers. We become an extension of your sales team and a ground force delivering on our promisses.

Sales Consulting


Top Lobby is built with detail-oriented, passionate and highly motivated sales and business development executives. Our team has been recognized nationally for success in developing and leading strategic sales teams in government affairs, government procurement of states, counties, municipalities, contract capture planning and financial strategies. We bring over a decade of experience  in Directing Sales Teams, Financial Forecasting, Contract Capturing, Project Management Government Procurement, Contract Negotiations and Lobbying of state and federal legislation.