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Unlike traditional  Lobby firms that take on 20, 30 or even 40+ clients to make local headlines as a  top revenue generator, our team of Business Consultants at Top Lobbyist deliver a white glove service, managing your needs and delivering results. You have our undivided attention at all times! We believe success is measured by our clients expectations and the results we deliver to them.

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We're incredibly selective when it comes to bringing on new clients. This allows us to position ourselves, and ensures we deliver to our clients the desired results they expect from a trusted partner. This provides piece of mind knowing you will always have a full time Top Lobbyist team dedicated to execution, and delivering results with white glove service for your consulting needs.

Fortune 500 Leadership


Our team at Top Lobbyist have successfully lead Fortune 500 companies, served as elected officials, judged from the bench and managed congressional, state & local campaigns and committees. Let us get to work for you as your business consultant!

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Christy Chance

As  a Former Congressional Campaign Consulting Manager for U.S. Congressman Ron DeSantis, (Current Florida Governor) and U.S. Congressional and state offices, Christy cultivated key relationships over the years entrenching herself into some of the tightest political circles in the country. Her pivotal role as President of Top Lobby is tracking and advising our clients on legislative policy and regulation that affects their L.O.B; in-tandem with identifying and qualifying key opportunities that fit with the clients business scope.  Graduating from the Prestigious private college Saint Leo University with a Bachelors in Phycology and Predictive Human Behavior, Christy's been tremendously successful on profiling people and knowing how to lobby them effectively for our clients desired results. She will be your Top Lobbyist and Business Consultant!

Mark Wolter

Mark served in the U.S Navy as a rescue swimmer while deployed during the Gulf Wars in the Middle East. He was stationed on several U.S Aircraft carriers where he performed open water rescue dives of downed aircraft out at sea. Following his Military career, Mark was tremendously successful as a pilot flying for Mesa Airlines, Delta, and U.S Air just to name a few. His experience and laser focus to accomplish his mission, along with a rolodex full of intimate relationships with Public officials (Department of Defense, Aero Space, Governors, Local and State Procurement Offices), he will be an invaluable business consultant to your company.  Mark will deliver results effectively, and beyond your expectations as your Top Lobbyist.

Ryan Davidson

After studying for his Bachelors degree in Business Management from St. Johns River State College, Ryan went on to work for Northrop Grumman. For over 15 years, in various roles such as Contract Procurement Manager, and Quality Control Manager, Ryan provided oversight in over 20 countries for one the largest Aerospace defense contractors in the world. His passion for the Appropriations and Procurement cycles in the Aerospace industry, afforded him the opportunity to nurture very intimate relationships with key players within the U.S Government, and contract procurement space.

Brandon Haas