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You Have Our UNDIVIDED Attention, 24-7


Unlike traditional  Lobby firms that take on 20, 30 or even 40+ clients to make local headlines as a  top revenue generator, Our team delivers a white glove service managing your needs and delivering results. You have our undivided attention at all times! We believe success is measured by our clients expectations and the results we deliver to them.

White Glove Service


We evaluate and select our clients  1 by 1, at no time do we take on more than 10 clients at any given time. This provides piece of mind knowing you will always have a full time team dedicated to execution and delivering results with white glove service.

Fortune 500 Leadership


Our team has successfully lead Fortune 500 companies, served as elected officials, judged from the bench and managed congressional, state & local campaigns. Let us get to work for you!